Thursday, May 18, 2017

Princess Ledges Nature Preserve


My husband and I wanted to explore the area that we moved to, so we found this nature preserve that was right off the main road. You'd totally miss it if you weren't specifically looking for it. I'm so glad we found it online of the parks near us.  Wow! What an amazing place... there were two trails: one a nature trail and the other a ledges trail. We did both! The leaves were just staring to change (as it was October 2016). It was a beautiful day for a lovely hike in nature.

Thanks for taking a walk with us!

Supplies Used:
Background - Soft Suede with an In Any Event Overlay is dark brown
Punches - Square (filled w/Autumn Traditions #1 and #2 and green)
Stamp Brush Sets - In Any Event (SU) - dark brown overlay stripes; Autumn Days (SU) - leaf in green, yellow and orange
Font - Freehand521 (beige); Duchess (brown)

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