Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Hand Surgery


Who says you only scrapbook the fun and exciting things? No... you scrapbook your daily life... the things that happen, so that you appreciate all that you've done - good and bad.  I've had a ganglion cyst (fluid filled) on my right wrist for several years.  As it was on my right hand, my dominate hand, I was reluctant to have surgery to remove the cyst. It wasn't causing a lot of problems for me... just some pressure while moving my wrist... and I couldn't do a push-up without pain (but who wants to do those anyway, LOL!).  So, I elected to have hand surgery in June 2016. Now since I've been procrastinating with my scrapbooking.... I've got some cool time-lapse photos of my scar and how it had healed 6 months after my surgery. (Sorry if the photos look gross... I thought they did too, kinda like a worm underneath my skin. Ewww!). I know my scar will continue to fade with time.

Anyway, my wrist works great now...and I can do those push ups without pain now if I want to.

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Supplies Used:
Background - Elegant Eggplant
Embellishments - Simple Stitches (SU) recolored purple
Stamp Brush Sets - Natural Composition Overlay (SU)-white; All Time Fave (SU) - purple arrow
Punch - Square (filled w/Watercolor Winter - SU)
Font - CK Teen (Purple)

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