Friday, May 19, 2017

Cleveland Zoo


Now that we are back in Cleveland, Ohio... and on November 28th.... we decided to go to the Cleveland MetroParks Zoo to celebrate the anniversary of us getting engaged 16 years ago. YES... back in 2000, we got engaged at the zoo. Now, many of you are wondering how we remember the actual day... usually it's the wedding date you remember the most (for obvious reasons). Well, it just so happens that November 28th was my Grandma Schwab's (my paternal Grandmother) birthday. She was the first person we called after we got engaged, so it's a date we will remember always. My Grandma passed away back in 2013, but she lived a very full and happy life.

Before we went we looked back on photos we had taken when we got engaged to find the bench where the proposal happened. While looking at those photos, we saw that we had kept the coats, scarf and shirt from way back then. Sooooo.... we decided to wear the same clothes and get a photo on the same bench! How cool it was to see the similarities in the photos taken 16 years apart!

We enjoyed the zoo.... even though it was rather chilly and had a bit of rain too.  Mike even got a smooch from an orangutan!

Thanks for taking a closer look!

Supplies Used:
Background - Au Natural (Stina)
Embellishments - Baby Grace Flower (MyMem)
Punch - Square (filled w/Be Mine Paper - KJDdsgn)
Font - Elephant (White)

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