Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hynes Family Reunion

Started work on our 2015 photobook.  Yes, I know... it's been a while since I did any work on this project.  It seems like when my software (My Digital Studio) was no longer being supported by Stampin' Up!, I was at a loss as to which direction I needed to go.

I did choose to get the My Memories Suite digital software program (version 6), since it works very closely like the other program.  I am still trying to figure out how things work, and get a little frustrated when I can't do something that I used to accomplish in the other program.  BUT... I am satisfied with the My Memories Suite... and will probably utilize this software from now on.  (With the launch of Windows 10... I'm sure my other program may not work).

So... on to my pages.  Okay, so I decided to scrapbook our Hynes Family Reunion that happened in July 2015.  I will complete the pages for the photos from Jan through Jun, I promise!

I used a layout that I found on Pinterest.  Here it is:

Thanks for stopping by!

Supplies Used:
Background - Flower Doodle
Font - Franciscan (Green)
Embellishments - Like Sunshine (MHT Designs - smile button); Country Sunflower (Mandog - ribbon); Up and Away (leaf)


  1. This looks like So Much Fun!!!! I love each shot! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

    1. Thanks Donna.... it was fun! We hope to have another reunion in two years! =)


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